About Lynn County Abstract and Title

Lynn County Courthouse, 1937

Lynn County courthouse scene in 1937. This is the current courthouse still in use, built in 1916. Photo courtesy of the Lynn County Pioneer Museum.

With roots in the Lynn County community going back to 1908, Lynn County Abstract & Title has helped countless individuals and families navigate the process of buying or selling property.


What does a title company do?

Buying a home, land, or commercial property is a major milestone for many. However, the process can seem daunting. Until a person has been through this process, he or she may not understand exactly what a title company does.

A title company finds and researches public records to determine property ownership. The title company then puts these records together in what is called a title policy commitment. The title policy commitment is then used by buyers, sellers, lenders, and title insurance companies to determine who owns the land.


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We’ve included resources for buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, and lenders on this site to help you understand what to expect as you move through the process of selling or purchasing property.

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