what to expect


In an effort to help ensure a smooth transaction, we want to provide a clear outline of what to expect when working with our office

Our Process

Once the process has been started, you will receive a welcome packet from our office which will include a welcome letter and a title policy commitment.
Please review the title policy commitment as soon as possible. Requirements that need to be met in order to complete the sale will be outlined in schedule “C” of the commitment.

  • Most of the requirements outlined in schedule “C” deal with what you must do to transfer clear ownership of the title to the buyer. We will assist you however we can with these requirements.
  • The sale of the real estate may also be subject to lender requirements; these commonly include appraisals, pest inspections, and surveys.
  • A survey will be ordered by our office only at the written request of your lender.
  • Appraisal and pest inspection orders are the responsibility of the lender.

Seller’s Checklist

Please be sure to bring the following items with you to your closing. If you have any questions regarding any of these documents, please contact one of our Lynn County Abstract & Title team members.

  • Photo identification (passport, driver’s license or state-issued identification card)
  • Your checkbook
  • Invoices for any unpaid taxes, utilities, assessments
  • Any items you wish to pass onto the Buyer such as association payment coupons, warranties, garage door openers, spare keys, etc.